Our Customer Service

Our Customer Service team takes pride in providing courteous and responsive support to all customers in a professional manner, ensuring that each individual has an exceptional experience.

Our Technical support and Technical Development Wings is Fully Equipped with Team viewer for remote support and D-Link DVX-8000 (an IP-PBX solution supports up to 300 users and 60 concurrent calls). Asterisk based call center solution fully integrated Customer relation management Software provides superior experience to customers. Our support team will automatically get all the details of the software If the customer is calling from their registered mobile number. Kindly provide software CD key if you are calling from a new number. no support will be given without identifying the product CD Key or client. All our software comes with one year unlimited Online Service Support. After that customers can activate an Annual service Pack to get free unlimited support. We use paid version of team viewer hence customers are requested to use our own Team viewer client only. Latest team viewer won’t be compatible with our version. Continuous real time monitoring of call activity means that your call will typically be answered in less than 1 minute. If our executives are busy our CRM will alert the missed calls and we will call them back on priority basis.

We listen to our customers. Our representatives will work with other teams to make certain you receive the answers you need, and share your feedback with our senior management team.

We stand behind our promise to deliver timely, quality service. We measure, monitor and report to ensure our performance exceeds industry standards; however, it is your satisfaction that matters most.

Our Help desk

The software comes onsite support from authorized dealers or resellers and also directly from us. Outside India, support will be as per purchase terms and conditions. Online Telephone helpline is available from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Installation CD is given at the point of installation so in case of breakdown it can be used for restoration or for new client installation.



Helpline (IST) 
+91 8113 030 030
+91 8113 022 022
+91 8113 033 033
+91 8113 030 030
(Online Telephone helpline is available from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM)

8089 058 131, 8113 030 030


Chat ID
nahumtechnologies@gmail.com - skype name : nahumtechnologies