GST Software/ Inventory & Accounting Software

Inventory Biz is a new generation user-friendly Inventory and Accounting Software, which can be used and installed without any prior knowledge of accounting or software training. The Release 2008 has been considerably enhanced with new features like increased security, more user friendly, Windows Vista compatible, etc. without any compromise on the fundamental principle to keep it the Simplest, Easiest and Reliable software for Billing, Stock Management & Accounting.
Inventory Biz has changed the concept of an Inventory and Accounting Software with its Simplicity and Easy Customization of Invoices, Easy Export of Reports to Excel, Simple Masters creation, Dual Menu, User friendly Edit Window, Barcode Processing, Drill downs, Windows GUI, Quick search for all Vouchers with conditions using Biz search, short cut keys for easy work process, built in Quick Reference & Help, etc.
It has opened new possibilities for Inventory and Accounting and can be used by all segments of business like General Traders, Distributors, Super Markets, Electrical and Electronic shops, Computer Dealers, Retail and Hardware shops, CD & Bookshops, Accountants, Sales Tax practitioners, etc. The Software comes in three versions Inventory Biz E-series, Standard Edition and Gold Enterprise Edition.


 Inventory Biz is one of the Powerful, Flexible and Realistic Mini Enterprise Resource Management software. It comes with a Simple and Easy to use interface and also includes many features like easy masters and item creations, Item Grouping for quick item selection, user friendly edit window, Dual menu, Multiple Companies, Multiple Window Processing, Windows GUI, Barcode processing enabled, Quick Search for all vouchers and master filter using any fields, Shortcut keys for easy process, Built in quick reference & help is available.


Sales, Quotation, Purchase, Order Processing, Receipt Note, Delivery Note, Journal, Physical Stock adjustment, Re-Packing, etc.


Dot Matrix & Thermal printer, Ink Jet, Laser Printer Settings available with resizable Invoice as per user requirement. Pre-printed, Bill customization, VAT Billing Forms Wholesale & Retail Billing Available.

Sales Invoice Features

Agent commission, Cash desk, Auto & Manual Round off, Multiple pricing, Credit limit Warning & Blocking, Customizable transaction windows, user defined auto accounts posting for hybrid vouchers, Custom columns for each transaction window (string fields & user defined Formula Calculated Numeric Fields). Negative Stock Warning & Blocking, Transaction Gadget.

Stock Management

Integrated stock Management (With three units, Extra column for Weight tracking) in Vouchers. Item wise, Manufacturer wise, Category wise and sub category stock categorization. Serial Number and Batch Code tracking of products, Service. Serial Number and Batch Code tracking of products, Service & AMC, Service Voucher, Service Scheduler (with warranty, AMC and Extended warranty tracking), Product Details and Customer Profile, Job card Estimate, etc.


Integrated Accounting with Statements of Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Day book, Cash Book, Receipts & Payments, Ratio analysis, Cash Flow, Fund flow, Ageing Analysis, etc. are available. Top Suppliers & Customers List. Bill wise settlement. (PDC)Post Dated Cheque processing. Bank Reconciliation Statement, Extra Accounts entry added to facilitate entry of various expenses related with transactions.

General Features

Instant Master creation, Category, sub account groups, Area and sub areas, etc. Group deletion of masters and transactions, Barcode Manager, E-Mailing and SMS integration, Analysis Reports, Outstanding reports, VAT statements and Return Forms. Instant view of outstanding amounts & Ledgers of customers and suppliers, User Defined reports and Enhanced report designer, More than 120 types of reports for Stock, Sales, Purchase and other vouchers. Drill down features from reports, Easy export to Excel, Graphical Representation of important reports, Service Tax statements available.


The software comes with high security, user permissions can be set for different user groups and users can be given separate user passwords, each user can be given a separate view. He will be able to view only the modules where the user is permitted. The activity monitor helps us to monitor the daily activity of each user. It monitors the events like deletion, addition, modifications of records with time date of each activity. Multiple level user security with User activity monitors to view the activity of each user.

Back up

The software comes with auto backup feature which helps it to take an auto back of all the data to a preferred location. In case of a system crash the data can be restored from the backups.

Other Features

The software is windows compatible and works on windows 2000, XP, windows Server, Vista Windows 7,8 AND 10. It has also features like multiple window processing, multiple company creation, multi-user, dual window, easy edit window, etc.

Mobile Application

Touch- Real-time Android mobile application, which comprises Sales order taking, Cash Collection, Multiple price list.


Edubiz – School/College Management Software

Edubiz is proud to provide a new and improved formula for all the intricacies regarding the school management system. School managing is one of the hard tasks which have to be carried out meticulously. Here we extend you a helping hand by introducing a tried and tested software solution. This is what you call a user - friendly, highly reliable software with innumerable features. In short, Edubiz institutes education in the way you need.
This software is designed in such a way that to help you in the easiest way possible. Edubiz will be your real friend in easing up your hard tasks.
Highly Reliable
Reliability is the foundation stone on which we build up your trust. We will not disappoint you at any point of your journey with us. We believe in the maximum flawless performance.
The definition for a good software is incomplete without flexibility. In that sense Edubiz completes the definition with its features to adapt according to the user requirements.
A cost-effective product is a major concern for every customer. Edubiz promises to value your every single penny while assuring your demands for high efficiency.
Efficient Support Team
The Edubiz team is always here for you to clear up your worries and queries regarding the software. We are really proud to have an efficient support team who always put their heart and soul into the faultless performance of Edubiz.

Restaurant Biz – Restaurant Management Software

RestaurantBiz ERP offers a system that is able to equip managers with the ability to have complete control and oversee restaurant and bakery operations more critically with features like Inventory Management, Table Assignment, KOT and Bill processing and much more. Also, RestaurantBizErp allows its customers to take orders efficiently with standard order-taking capabilities like KOT with special instruction, customizable receipt printing, KOT processing and printing, and customizable POS billing details. The software is capable of creating and storing multiple user accounts with customizable roles and security permissions. With the utilization of POS system, a restaurant or a bakery can greatly simplify its inventory management and accounting processes integration.This software is fully capable of automatically sending orders directly into the kitchen without any need of manual manipulation. RestaurantBizErp Software provides you with the opportunity to avail of all the best tools that your restaurant can use to maximize its profitability, customer satisfaction, and operational management.
With its easy to use nature and simple GUI, the staff of different departments in a restaurant can start using the software in their natural business environment without any hassle and increase their business efficiency.Master module allows creating and defining staff roles and further adding specific privileges such as.

  • Item with various category(Chinees, Vegiterian, Juices, Snacks)
  • Special instructions/ Modifiers for restaurant product
  • Customer Supplier and employee
  • Table,Chair, Counter and Counter user creation
  • Cost centers, Ledgers and account group

Restaurant Biz can send daily SMS/Email alerts with summarized data. Along with synchronizing the entire kitchen, the software provides valuable analytical information for mangers and owners for financial calculations and tax purpose. RestaurantBizERP has all the features you need to do sales, inventory control, customer database, invoicing and purchase orders for a restaurant and a bakery.
Taxes: create multiple tax categories for covering central, state, and other tax types Edit/exempt tax types during transaction. Create separate tax categories for branches in different states and countries.
Inventory Management: RestaurantBizErp allow for the real time tracking of inventory, with the dedicated software recording the projected usage of all ingredients as each order comes in and is prepared by the kitchen. This software will helps you to maintain the record of your food stocks, bakery stocks and inventories. By using the touch interface staffs can send orders from the table side to the kitchen, also can serve customers quickly and accurately. It helps to track perishable items, expiry items, fast / non-moving items very easily.
Stock transfer: multi-location stock handling features ensures proper inventory maintenance. Replenishment based on stock levels. Packaging and repacking options. Initiate transfers between different stores. Update stock rates according to last purchased/average/weighted average.

  • KOT processing
  • POS billing
  • Rastaurant billing
  • Barcode & Weighing Scale integration.
  • Touch Screen ,Mouse Keyboard compatible
  • BARCODE SCANNER to manage inventory quickly.
  • Palmtech Data exchange
  • Weighing machine configuration
  • Sms and email
  • Special instruction for restaurant items
  • Managing Different KIchens


Accounts management is used to perform all the accounts related activity like ledger creation, receipt and payment. By using RestaurantBizErp Account module the customer can generate

  • Trial balance
  • Profit and loss account
  • Receipt payment account
  • Income and expenditure account
  • Balance sheet
  • MIS such as
  • Negative ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Ratio analysis
  • Cash flow
  • Fund flow


RestaurantBizERP system has features such as Bakery management also. Customers can operate their bakery and restaurant through one application at a time.


Don't waste your precious time calculating daily sales, monthly statistics and annual income totals. With restaurant & bakery Management, these facts are at your fingertips, easy to locate and instantly available. Reports module allows checking variety of reports like Daily/Monthly/Yearly sales report, Sales analysis report, Raw Material, Sales and Profit Summary Report, Vendor Payment Report, Tax Analysis Report, and many others. Determine most popular items and fast moving items on daily basis.

  • Reports with filters, and advanced filters
  • Configurable column settings
  • User specific setting
  • Ability to export to excel/pdf/text, etc.
  • Report Designer to design report for custom requirement
  • Graphical reports

ResturantBizERP increases Profits and Maximize Control in just 10 days of implementation. Fastest implementation and training to get you up and running quickly One-click Installer helps you to deploy the software easily and auto update function keeps it up to date. Robust security using users and roles. By using POS billing customer can simplify the order and billing concepts. Guests are greeted not only with a smile but also with a TABLET .

Hotel biz – Hotel Management Software

A perfect solution to manage the daily business activity for any Hotels ranging from Medium to Star Hotels. Hotel Biz comprise seperate modules for managing Front Office & Restaurant. Front office Management module includes features like Room Type, Guest details, Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Receipt, Room Status chart, Room Transfers, Seasonal Schemes & Discounts, Reservation via Agents, etc.

The Restaurant Management module comes with BOT & KOT Processing, Restaurant Billing, Bar Billing, Godown Management, Stock Transfers, Physical Stock Adjustment, Production, Store, Separate Stock Category Management for Raw materials, Food, Beverages, etc. Advanced Reports & Analysis of Stock, Food Costing, Recipe Mananger, Purchase, Sales, Stock with Ageing Analysis, Fast Moving Items, Slow Moving Items, Profitable Items, Tax Reports, Salesman Reports, etc.

It is a Multi-user version with integrated stock and accounting. It includes advanced features like Multiple company creation, Multiple window processing, Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, User Administration, User Groups, User Security, User activity monitor, Easy Backup & Restore, etc.

Optional separate modules are available for Telephone Management with EPABX integration, Advanced Pay Roll Management, House Keeping,Web based solutions, etc. >

A perfect solution to manage the daily business activity for any Hotels ranging from Medium to Star Hotels. Hotel Biz comprise seperate modules for managing Front Office & Restaurant.


  • Front office
  • Restaurant
  • House Keeping
  • TeleBiz
  • Payroll

Optional separate modules are available for Telephone Call Management with EPABX integration, Advanced Pay Roll Management, House Keeping, Web based solutions, etc.

Front office

Full network supported, Room Type, Single and Group Check-in, Check-out, Reservation and followups, Integrated checkout bill, Room Transfer, Guest details, Reservation via Agents, Seasonal Schemes & Discounts, Easy Access of Room status (Color Coded Scheme) from main screen with Roomhistory, Availability Summary & Stay Information, House Keeping Reports, Easy to Configure Software , Integrated stock and accounting, User Groups, User Security, User Administration, Day Book, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, User activity monitor, Multiple company creation, Multiple window processing, Automated Backup & Restore, etc, User Management.

Medibiz – Medical Shop Management Software

This software is laced with Tab and strip Management of medicine, Speed Billing with Doctor and Patient, Petty Sales Management with short key, Expiry Management, Dead Stock report, Fast Moving Items & Slow Moving Items Report, Re-Order with Best Supplier Management, Prescription Handling, Item Code, Item Name and Composition wise searching, Supplier wise order preparation, Supplier wise expiry stock listing for fast and accurate expiry management , Option for Expiry alerts, Automatic Medicine listing from history of regular customers, Item/category/customer/supplier/doctor wise analysis, User activity tracking, Margin Statements, Trial Balance, P & L and Balance sheet is also available. It’s an ideal product for Pharmacy Shops or outlets.
This Software for Medical Store covers every aspect of a retail business with a strong Accounting environment. Integrated with the latest VAT purchase and sale modules along with Stock Management, Expiry Processing. Integrated Inventory and Accounting with Trial balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Day Book, etc., Payment & Receipt Module, Debit note and Credit note modules, Reports on Sales, Purchase, Stock and Stock Expiry. Other Modules include Biz Search, Easy opening Stock Entry Interface, Easy Backup and Restore features, User security, User Activity monitor, Multiple Companies management, Multiple user, Multiple window processing, etc.

  • Allows you to buy in bulk & sell in loose
  • All reports for specified period selected using calender
  • Updates available from website
  • Easy Opening Stock Entry
  • Entry of different type of medicines (Tab, Syp, Cap etc.).
  • Suppliers Entry
  • Purchase Entry (Bill of Suppliers) (Taxable & Non Taxable Medicines) (With Batch no., Expiry Date, Manufacturer, Date of purchase etc)
  • Purchase reports
  • Stock reports
  • Sale Voucher Entry & Quick Printing
  • Return of medicine (Due to any reason) Entry & Accounts
  • Sales Bill
  • Return From Customer (Entry & Voucher Printing)
  • Credit Note & Debit Note (Money Transfer)
  • Daily Customer Account (Credit & Cash)
  • Ledgers (Customers, Suppliers or any Accounting Ledgers)
  • Outstanding Reports
  • Alerts (Low Stock, Expired Medicines)
  • Expired Medicine report (Stock)
  • Tax reports
  • Low Demand Medicine reports
  • All frequently used reports at the click of a button
  • Excellent quality of output for Reports
  • All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel / Word etc., or can be faxed or emailed
  • Multiple printer selection from the network and multiple invoices at the same time.
  • Bank Reconciliation report
  • Trial Balance and Balance Sheet at the click of a button
  • Fast Printing for Sales Invoice printing
  • Invoices at lightening speed. Also gives you the comfort of managing multiple customers by allowing you to work on


Lab Biz – Laboratory Management Software

Lab Biz is an ideal software to manage the daily activities of a medical laboratory. Functions like registering a patient, creating a bill for the test, generating results against the lab bill, certificate preparation and posting daily accounting entries. Customize routine test groups, Provide antibiotic sensitivity details. Stock management of solutions, Stock of the solutions used can also be adjusted in the lab result. Lab Biz is integrated with features like emailing the result to the registered patient and send SMS to the patients intimating the progress of their test. Accounting provisions to provide cheque details for the receipt and payment entries. Daily, monthly and yearly statements and other features like user management, user activity, P&L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet etc. are available.
General features include Patient Registration, Department wise management, Lab test, Lab result included. Also general features like Administrative module with user administration, Backup & Restore, Activity monitor, Multiple company management, Multiple window processing, Integrated Inventory & Accounts, Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and other reports are available.
The package has been developed on the latest relational database system technology SQL Express. Lab Biz provides the benefits of streamlining of operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability. Lab Biz can be easily customized to the requirements of any hospital.

Patient Registration
Patient registration with details like MRNo, Name, Address, Reference details and more…
Lab Bill, Lab result against Lab Bill, Department wise Lab result, Automated solutions management, Store management for chemicals, Cash & credit billing, Lab parameter billing, lab test billing, Lab Test Outsourcing
Dot Matrix & Thermal printer, Ink Jet, Laser Printer Settings available with resizable Invoice as per user requirement. Pre-printed, Bill customization.
Integrated stock Management for solutions and chemicals.
User Security
Multiple level user security with User activity monitors to view the activity of each user. User Administration to set permissions for Viewing, Modification, Deletion and Creation for Specific user. Password protection for each user. Automatic Backup feature for data security, Backup and Restore tools, etc.
Integrated Accounting with Statements of Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Posting Day Book, Cash Book, Receipts & Payments, Ratio analysis, Cash Flow, Fund flow, etc. are available.
General Features
Instant Master creation, sub account groups, ledger creation, department creation, patient creation, etc. E-Mailing and SMS integrated, Outstanding reports. Instant view of outstanding amounts & Ledgers of customers and suppliers, User Defined reports. Reports for Stock, Doctor, Test wise and other vouchers. Easy export to Excel available.

Hospital biz – Hospital Management Software

Ideal solution for managing the entire hospital with Administration, Payroll, Pharmacy and Accounting modules. Supports Multi Location implementation wherein the hospital has Outpatient, Inpatient and other services in many physical locations. It addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals. Enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced costs. It provides easy access to critical information there by enabling the management to take better decisions on time. Doctors can view their daily appointment schedules for any day from any terminal. Hospital Biz is highly secure and flexible. It allows the administrator to configure different access privileges for different individuals depending on their role in the Hospital. Hospital Biz provides relevant reports enabling management to take better decisions.

General features include Front Office, Inpatient & Outpatient Registration, EMR (Electronical Medical Record of Patients), Department wise OP management, Patient status finder, Room status chart, Admission and Discharge, Insurance claim, Ward & Doctor wise patient records, Lab test, Lab result, Room billing, Pharmacy IP and OP billing, Medicine purchase and issue to various wards, ward wise stock reports, Medicine Expiry control, Payroll & Pharmacy features included. Also general features like Administrative module with user administration, Backup & Restore, Activity monitor, Multiple company management, Multiple window processing, Integrated Inventory & Accounts, Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and other reports are available.

The package has been developed on the latest relational database system technology SQL Express. Hospital Biz provides the benefits of streamlining of operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability. Hospital Biz can be easily customized to the requirements of any hospital.

Optional separate modules are available for Telephone Management

  • Front office
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • TeleBiz
  • Payroll

Pay Biz – Payroll Management Software

Customized software for payroll management system with pay Slip, Pay Schemes, Attendance Register Custom formula, Salary Calculation, Movement Register, Wages Calculation, Job Card, User defined Allowances & Deductions, etc. With user Interface, user security and other Controls are available.

  • Fully customizable formula for salary calculation.
  • User defined earnings or deductions (eg. BP, DA, ESI, PF).
  • The formula calculator allows the user to generate his own formula.
  • Employee Pay Scheme defines the salary calculation method for each category of employees.
  • Salary settings allows user to create or modify settings that can be changed in a period of time. (According to government/company rules)
  • Salary can be calculated for monthly or wages drawing employees.
  • The attendance can be used to give attendance for the monthly salary drawing employees.
  • Biometric finger print reader can be integrated to read the time in and time out for each employee
  • The attendance properties are user defined and can be calculated in formulas for salary calculation.
  • Monthly list - used for values that override all the salary calculation methods. This value will be taken for the salary calculation.
  • Salary calculation can be done monthly, weekly or hourly. Advance payments, recovery of advance, holiday wages, leave with wages, bonus etc. can be calculated under salary calculation.
  • All kinds of reports can be generated (for eg. esi, pf, welfare fund, acquittance, summary, detail etc.)


Money Biz - Finance Companies Management Software

MoneyBiz is an ideal solution for small and medium scale finance companies. Features include gold loan, hire purchase, fixed deposit, recurring deposit, chitty, sms to customers, bank pledging etc. We can send sms in various stages so that the customer will be aware of their transaction status.

  • Lend money on pledging loan.
  • Various schemes for gold loan.
  • Interest payment tenure and maximum payable amount can be specified in gold scheme.
  • Lend money on pledging vehicles or any other valuable items.
  • Depositing a fixed amount locked to a specific period.
  • Recurring deposit. Deposit a fixed amount on each month to a specified period.
  • Chitty. Chitty slab and collect them each month from customers.
  • Provide dividend on auction of a chitty each month.
  • Posting interest for a customer or group of customers on delaying the payment.
  • Sms options on various part of the process.


Laundry Biz - Laundry management system

LaundryBiz is an ideal solution for hi-tech laundry management system. Features includes Multiple outlet management, multiple scheme management, Call centre option to call for a home pickup or delivery or to track the status of an estimate, Provisional estimate for home pickup or home delivery, Estimate for walk-in customer, Labeling items before wash, Issue items to laundry plant, Receive items in plant, Sorting items after wash, Deliver items from plant to respective outlet after processing, Receive items in outlet after delivering from plant, Send sms to customers about the progress of their garments in each section, Deliver items to customer and generate a final bill, Schedule for a home delivery.

  • Estimate generation for collecting garments from customers.
  • Call centre helps to track the status of each garment in an estimate.
  • Labeling each garment in an estimate which helps to keep the track of the item in plant or outlet.
  • Labeled garments can be transferred to plant for processing.
  • The received items in plant will be sorted and washed according to the instructions provided in estimate.
  • Washed garments will be delivered back to the outlet.
  • Received garments will be sorted and packed and kept ready for delivery.
  • Verification of received items and the pending list can be done while delivering and receiving items at plant and outlet.
  • Additional Sms option is available for sending sms on specified stages of processing.
  • Android integration possible. These help in collect and deliver garments on doorsteps.


Pharma biz – Pharmacy Management Software

Pharma Biz is a software designed to provide a comprehensive solution to automate the business activities of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers or Distributors. It covers Complete Inventory Management, Accounting, Billing, Customer Credit Management, etc. it also includes Purchase, sales, Debit Note, Credit Note, Physical stock Adjustment, Company wise and Marketed by wise Stock and Sales report for Medical representatives, Free Qty issue and reimbursements complete accounting with financial reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, Auto Sale rate Calculation for company Items and generic products, Sales price fixing options using different criteria, Purchase history to analyze rates. Order form printing , Expiry and damaged stock management, Items categorized to Manufacturer, Category, Marketed By, Flexibility to track item movement using stock history, Option to identify Nonmoving or dead stock products, MRP Tax Options, Sales bills with taxes, discounts, batch no, expiry Management, etc.
Pharmacy Software for Pharmaceutical distributors (Billing, Inventory and Accounting). Smart & Easy Billing interface, Expiry Processing, Easy Opening stock Entry, Completed and Pending bills, Auto and manual Round off, Discount, Credit Note adjustment on Sales bill. Customizable, Preprinted Dos(Fast) and Windows billing formats. Accounts and inventory integrated. Purchase Order Processing. Tax Formats, Free stock management, etc.

  • PharmaBiz ,A Software For Wholesale Pharmacy
  • Free Stock Management
  • Sales & Purchase Entry
  • Contra Entries & Transfer Voucher
  • Route wise Outstanding
  • DebitNote & CreditNote Voucher
  • Stock and Sales registers
  • Items grouped into categories and manufactureres
  • Automated Accounts Entry
  • Seperate treatment for Medicinal and Nonmedicinal billing
  • Simple Physical stock reports
  • Report Designer for any kinds of reports
  • Product ledger
  • Accounts Receivable Ageing Analysis
  • Purchase Order Invoicing
  • Delivery note processing to bill
  • Receipt Note and Delivery Note
  • Batch Management
  • Expiry management and Credit Note
  • Manufacturer wise stock and sales statements
  • Multiple Printer selection from the network
  • Fast Printing for Invoice printing is available
  • All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc.,or can be faxed or emailed
  • All frequently used reports at the click of a button
  • Excellent quality of output for Reports
  • Excellent Data Management
  • Updates available from website
  • Multi-User
  • Totally Menu Driven, with Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used forms
  • Trial Balance


Jewel biz – Jewelry Management Software

Jewellery shop management includes Purchase, Sale and Estimate for Gold and silver transactions. Features like Purity Categorization, Item transfer, integrated Purchase of old gold with sale, Value addition, Stone weight, Sale on current market rates, Transaction with goldsmith, Physical stock adjustments. Fast billing formats, VAT & Other tax reports are available. Other features include integrated accounts, User activity monitor, Easy backup & Restore, Multiple windows processing, etc. Single user or Multi user options are available.

  • Sales integrated with Old gold Purchase
  • Custom billing formats for DMP and lazer printers
  • Stock Reports on dual units (Quantity and Weight)
  • Easy physical stock management
  • Estimate processing to salesSilver and gold transactions
  • Value addition and making charge settings
  • Barcode features
  • Ornaments caregories and purity
  • Issue god to gold smith and collecting ornaments
  • processing enabled, Quick Search for all vouchers with conditions using biz search feature
  • user friendly edit window, dual menu, Multiple Companies. Multiple Window Processing. Windows GUI, Barcode
  • Balance sheet available, day book, receipts and payments statement
  • Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account
  • Integrated Accounting Statements and Ledger Accounts
  • Accounting Vouchers like Receipt,Payment, Contra, Journal
  • Transfer gold
  • Acidification




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